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Linguistics Essays

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Study of the New York Accent

Where did the famous and recognizable New York City accent come from? Well, in essence it came from the people. From the native New Yorkers who chose…

Memory and Language Acquisition

The study of second language acquisition through the analysis of the language learners mental process and strategies seeing how researchers investigate…

Analysis of Obama’s Speeches

President Obama is known to shift style during his speeches through his tenure. The style-shift of the President Obama speech can denoted to the audience.

Discourse of Language in Our Lives

Our communication and use of language is dependent on the person we are talking to, the gathering in which we are, the current environment or the…

History and Application of Translation

Across the centuries just as people built bridges to link cities,people used language interpreters and translators in order to built bridges between…

Analysis of Media Text

Material processes, as well as verbal processes are vital in helping writers assume a certain position regarding the subject of any communication.

The Process of Literary Translation

The translator is the first one who must comprehend, read and interpret the source text then to render it in a different medium.

Leon’s Theory of Language Development

Lourdes De Leon’s (1998) paper The Emergent Participant: Interactive Patterns in the Socialization of Tzotzil (Mayan) Infants demonstrates how different…

Prototype Theory

The purpose of the present empirical research paper is to investigate how Prototype Theory works in defining categories in real life..

Vocabulary Learning Strategies

The most favored style was tactile learning style and group learning style the least favored; secondly, the length of learning time could affect…

The Future of British Sign Language

Similar to spoken and written languages BSL has grown and evolved since its inception, but unlike many spoken or written languages is not universal.

Organization Development

The overall objective of this report is to investigate and trace the many problems,dilemmas and measurement facing an organization, and how manager…

Definitions of Styles and Learning Styles

Cognitive learning styles which include field-independent/field-dependent, analytic/global, reflective/impulsive learning styles, and Kolb experiential learning…

What is Linguistics?

Language as the most significant part in communication, that is able to connect between the human capacities for culture and language and it has been noted…

Learning styles in language learning

This section includes definitions of different terms of learning styles, categories of learning styles and Oxford’s theory of language learning styles.

Spoken language vs written language

Thes is statement: It is more difficult to understand the spoken language than the written language for some reasons. A literature review on the language types…

Learning strategies and styles

Learning strategies are steps taken by students to enhance their own learning. Strategies are especially important for language learning because they are…

The change kaleidoscope

Describe the strategic change context in 2002, at the start of the change process at Faslane.

Learning a second language

Speakers learning a second language often experience a change in the way they process their native language, a process called L1 attrition.

Thought and Language

In the field of linguistic theory, the relation between thought and language is still an emerging topic of discussion.