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Teaching Essays

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Lexis Treatment in Language Teaching

Examine the treatment of lexis in two course-books. How are the items introduced, practised and tested? Take into account the authors intentions and…

Behaviour Management in Schools | Theories

This essay explores ways in which children can learn to behave appropriately in school, and so in society. The main aim was to critically analyse…

Using Drama to Teach Literacy

This term my focus was teaching oracy and literacy to year 4 children in an interactive and communicative environment created through the use of drama.

Evaluation of Mathematics Curriculum

It has been argued that a sound mathematical knowledge is essential for living and working in the world today, despite the fact that many occupations…

Classroom Management Action Plan | Example

Classroom management is a term that refers to the techniques and skills that teachers use to keep students organized, focused, on task, orderly…

Reflection on Learning Skills Development

Learning is a life long process and can be had in various shapes and forms. It can be based on education, experience, formal training etc.

Contributions of Charles Darwin to Science

This paper discusses the contribution to science made by the English scientist Charles Darwin, (1809-1882), author of The Origin of Species (1859).

Impact of E-Technology on E-Learning

A growing body of research supports that E-learning technologies, if appropriately used in the classroom, may allow students to create knowledge in…

Assessment Aims in Science Lessons

Discuss, evaluate and reflect upon the aims of assessment for learning in primary science, and consider strategies that may be employed to identify…

Issues Affecting Teaching and Learning

In this essay, I will address the key issues that impact on effective teaching and learning strategies for learners of business studies in secondary…

Application of Learning Theories to Teaching

Learning styles, or cognitive styles, refer to how individuals learn in different ways and are of particular importance to teachers who wishes to…